About Us

Q Bay Center, founded by Hangzhou Overseas Center Inc., is a Silicon-Valley-based platform to connect and support innovation and entrepreneurship. With a tripartite mission of  “Platform + Investment + Services”, Q Bay Center is designed as an innovative business model which combines real property, business exhibition, financial activity, technology cooperation, business services and startups incubation. By leveraging the synergy of technology, finance, industrial ecology and culture, the center is committed to enhancing connection and empowering development.

Our Location

Covering a total area of 112,232 square feet

Close to a light rail station             

Residing in San Jose, one of the core cities in Silicon Valley

With easy access to Highway 101 and Highway 880

Neighboring high-tech giants like Samsung Silicon Valley R&D Center, Apple, Intel, Cisco…

Industry Focus

Q Bay Center focuses on hi-tech industries such as Biology and Health. With an emphasis on incubating early-stage start-ups in these industries, Q Bay Center is committed to promoting progress and development of innovative technology. Specific industries include Bio-medicine, IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics), Medical Equipment, AI-based Medical Services, Mobile/Online Medical Care.